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I know my stuff tends to be a little .... well ... different, twisted ... it's been called worse.
None of it is very difficult if you break it down into specific techniques.

  • If Gran's Hug or A Hug & Kiss seem a little daunting, here's a good place to start. This is my pattern for a Magic Moebius Muffler (102K Adobe). This is where we start in a class. Try it in a silk sport weight with an eyelash ... it makes a great gift!!

  • Several designs have beaded edges. Here's some more help on Beaded Edges (84K Adobe).

  • Short rows give you another way besides increasing & decreasing, to add some shape to you knitted piece. Here's some Short row help (42K Abobe).

  • There was a mistake in a chart in Petals printed before August of 2008 (Sorry!). I hope it didn't cause too much pain ... Petals errata (79K Abobe).

  • On copies of A Walk In The Woods copyright before 2012, the stitch count on the LARGE size SLEEVE is down by 2 stitches. There should be a difference of 9 sts between all sizes (small and medium sizes are correct). So sorry, so sorry ...

If you don't want to download via the web, send me an e-mail listing what you'd like & I can e-mail the docs to you.
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